Zumba Goma Fresa Gomita Sabor Fresa Cubierta – 20 Count


  • Zumba Goma Fresa is a delicious and fruity gum that offers a burst of strawberry flavor.
  • Experience the chewy texture and long-lasting taste of Zumba Goma Fresa.
  • A popular choice for gum lovers who enjoy the sweet and refreshing flavor of strawberries.
  • Enjoy the fun and tasty treat of Zumba Goma Fresa for a flavorful chewing experience.
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Craving a Mexican candy? Zumba Goma Fresa (Strawberry) flavored candy is your go to candy to satisfy your cravings. These candies are deliciously soft strawberry flavored gummy candies covered in succulent tamarind. The burst in flavor is sure to make your mouth salivate. Zumba Goma sweets are the perfect stuffers for pi-ata or to hand out at parties. The spicy covering with a bit of sweetness gives the best of both worlds with its delicious individual packaging ideally for sharing. Get your hands on the exquisite treat to enjoy any time and make the parties exciting with Zumba Goma Fresa.

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Weight 16.2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1.5 in