Liven up candy buffets with an attractive ZUMBALETA Tamarind lollipops display. The Mexican crunchy tamarind flavoured lollipops are famous among all kids and adults alike. A box containing 40 lollipops of 1.06 ounces is a good amount to decorate a lollipop stand or fill up a candy jar. The lollipops come individually wrapped, ensuring freshness and hygiene. Indulge everyone in the unique mixed sweet, spicy, salty and tangy flavours packed in tamarind lollipops. Kids would love to take some lollipops home, put some of these savoury lollipops in little candy pouches and gift kids as a party favour. Order ZUMBALETA Tamarind pops to spice up your next party.

Additional information

Weight 55.4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 10 in