Sour Candy: The History of Warheads

Warheads were first made in 1975 in Taiwan. The Foreign Candy Company imported the sour candy into United States in 1993. In 1999, Warheads was called to be a “$40 million brand”. Now, they are manufactured by Impact Confections.

Warhead is the front part of a rocket and the part that holds explosives. The name of the candy describes the taste very well because they make your mouth feel like exploding when you eat them. Warheads are extremely sour candies and they are not meant for the weak. People say that it is very much impossible to eat the Warheads without making sour face expressions. They are insanely intense.

The candies are coated in dry citric, malic and ascorbic acid. Malic acid is also found in Granny Smith’s Green Apples and gives them the sour taste. The candy tastes extremely sour the moment you put it in your mouth, but the taste starts to subside after a bit of time when the dry acids on the topcoat starts to go away leaving a fruity sensual flavor behind. Warheads come in a lot of different kinds of flavors such as black cherry, watermelon, lemon, blue raspberry and apple.

The candies come with warning labels which says, “Warning! Eating Multiple Pieces with Short Time Period May Cause a Temporary Irritation to Sensitive Tongues and Mouths”. War Heads are only for those whose mouths are not sensitive in the slightest and truly love extremely sour candies.

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