Sugar Daddy: America’s Oldest Milk Caramel Lollipop

With the jazz music and newly invented fans with blowing ribbons, the world changed a lot during the 1920s. People were getting braver and bolder and had started becoming more liberal, their sense of style had just taken a leap and most of the parents were not very happy. In that time of rumble and chaos came the cool new caramel candy we today know as the Sugar Daddy. So, who came up with this cool idea? The name is Robert Welch. He was a chocolate salesperson who, along with his younger brother, James Welch set up the James O Welch Company in 1927. The brothers must have been a fan of caramel chews and lollipops when they cam up with this legendary candy, the Sugar Daddy.

The Sugar Daddy Candy is America’s oldest milk caramel lollipop. The golden caramel candy is made of rich and smooth caramel and has a delectable and undeniable taste to it. Although, the name seems to be pretty accurate but the candies were not always called Sugar Daddies. The initial name given to the treat by Robert and James was “Papa Sucker” and they was referred to with the same name until 1932. The idea to change the name was given by James since he thought the needed to name the candy with a less hip name. The name Sugar Daddy just sounded cooler and stronger to the brothers so they eventually changed it.

The James o Welch Company was later purchased by the National Biscuit Company in 1963. After that The Welch brands were then sold to the Warner- Lambert in 1988, and then in 1993 to the Tootsie Roll Industries. Since then the Tootsie Roll Industries has been producing the Sugar Daddy Pops. If you are a caramel lover or feel to have a nostalgia when it comes to candies, then Sugar Daddy is just what you would grow in love with. And trust us, you will not be disappointed and thank us for making you feel like you needed this candy in your life.

The Sugar Daddy is a sweet a part of so many fond memories we have had associated with our childhood. With its luscious and smooth caramel it really is a delectable old fashion candy that has the potential of making anyone feel homesick.

The Sugar Daddy milk caramel pop also comes in a few variants and sizes: the junior pop, the regular pop and the very giant sized pop. The giant sized Sugar Daddies usually are only available on special occasions though, such as Christmas time and Valentine’s Day.

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