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The Club Price - Your Source for Wholesale Bulk Candy

We’re one of the largest wholesalers and have been delivering our customers the best shopping experience since 1992. Our vision was to make your shopping hassle-free & easy. 

In 2013, we launched our eCommerce business that is now your go-to eStore for snacks, candies, and all other necessities you’ll need for daily living. We make our purchasing straight from the manufacturer, allowing us to sell our goods for a much lower price. 

With an inventory of over 6,000, we offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices for convenience stores, grocery stores, washateria, gift shops, & liquor stores. Our unique products have a proven track record of increasing sales for our C-store clients. 

The Club Price assures delivery of all your favorite products, sweets, and snacks in the exact volume you need at your doorstep. We endeavored to provide customers with the best products in fresh & perfect condition with prompt, low-cost shipping that’s delivered within 2 to 5 days. So, shop conveniently, selectively, and cost-efficiently.

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